Kiln Dried Logs

Log Shed Eco-Kiln Dried

Log Shed Eco-Kiln Dried

Our seasoned softwood is 100% British and kiln dried to an average moisture content of 15%. Typically it is a mixture of species including Larch, Pine, Douglas Fir & Spruce.

Softwood burns hotter and faster than hardwood getting your room up to temperature quickly. It is faster growing making this a more sustainable fuel. Our Eco Softwood bag is typically cut slightly larger than our other hardwoods to ensure you get economical burn. As the Softwood will burn a little quicker than hardwood we help counteract that with a slightly larger log. If you require very small logs we would recommend any product from our hardwood range.

All our wood is split and then kiln dried giving superb quality wood that is ready for immediate use. Recommended for enclosed fires, stoves and wood burners. Your logs are delivered in large bulk bags for ease, convenience and no mess.

  • Log Size:- 9inch
  • Bag Size:- 0.85m x 0.85m

Top Tip – Buy a barrow bag of Kiln Dried Oak to keep your fire burning through the night!

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