Hard Wood

Our Hardwood Logs

Our Hardwood Logs are available in seasoned or kiln dried options. Our British, seasoned logs are locally sourced. They are naturally air dried to an average moisture content of 20%. Our Kiln dried hardwood logs provide a clean burn with maximum heat output, they are dried in unique kilns to below 15% moisture. All of our wood is ready for immediate use for all stoves, open fires and wood burners.

  • British Mix

    British Mix

    • Locally sourced - 100% British
    • Kiln-dried hardwood, No1 seller!
    • Mainly Ash, Silver birch, Oak, Beech (contents will vary)


  • Log Shed Silver

    Log Shed Silver

    • Easy to light, gets hot quickly
    • Great for pizza ovens & cooking
    • Kiln-dried. Very little ash
    • 9.5 inch log


  • Silver and Oak mix

    Silver and Oak mix

    • Easy to light with the Silver Birch, gets hot quickly
    • Oak for a slow, hot, economical burn
    • Kiln-dried. Very little ash
    • Silver Birch is a 9.5 inch log


  • Log Shed Oak

    Log Shed Oak

    • Very heavy, dense, slow burning
    • Ideal for keeping your stove lit overnight
    • Kiln-dried, economical burn!


  • Log Shed Twin

    Log Shed Twin

    • The ideal combo for your stove
    • Oak for a slow, hot, economical burn
    • Silver birch for easy lighting


  • Pure Ash

    Pure Ash

    • Kiln-dried Ash
    • The Rolls Royce of Firewood
    • Clean, long burn, easy to light
    • 9.5 inch log


  • Log Shed Bulk Load

    Log Shed Bulk Load

    • 100% British Kiln dried firewood
    • Silver birch, Ash, Oak, Beech
    • 3 Cubic Metres delivered in a trailer

    Out of stock


  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Handy Bag

    Kiln Dried Hardwood Handy Bag

    • Kiln Dried Hardwood
    • Fabulous Heat Output
    • Easy to store & carry



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