Octopost Fencing

Fencing that lasts a lifetime!

Octopost is set to revolutionise the fencing market!

The Log Shed are proud stockists of Octopost Fencing. This unique Fencing system has a 25 year guarantee. The Octopost fencing posts are grown and manufactured from Redwood timber in Sweden near the Arctic Circle. The extreme cold conditions provide a very slow rate of growth making a very strong, dense Redwood. Each post is manufactured out of an individual tree.

Once the wood is cut, it is Kiln Dried to ensure all the moisture is removed. It is then pointed and octagonal shaped to differentiate its unique properties and then heat pressure treated with creosote.

25 year guarantee with Octopost fencing

Octopost are set to revolutionise the fencing market using a fencing solution that is stronger, faster to install and expected to outlast any other product on the market. Octopost are used extensively throughout Europe in the domestic, agricultural and equestrian market.

This process provides a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. Octowood also manufacturer Telegraph poles at the same treatment plant as the Octopost. It is crucially, the same proven timber & treatment process as used for over 90 years in the company’s main core production of utility poles and telegraph poles.

The timber grown is PFSC certified meaning the forest is guaranteed to replant.

Why choose Octopost fencing?

  • Redwood timber grown in Sweden near the Arctic Circle
  • Pleasing to the eye - the most attractive Fencing on the market!
  • Each post is identical making erecting quicker and giving consistency
  • Kiln Dried for maximum absorption of high-pressure creosote treatment
  • Incredibly strong, dense Redwood due to the slow rate of growth
  • Large range available from 1.5m to 5m in length
  • Each post is made from an individual tree
  • Posts are machined into an octagonal profile providing a flat surface for fixing
  • 25 year guarantee with a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years
  • Core sampled & date stamped
  • Why Octagonal?

    The posts are more securely bundled due to the flat edge therefore they are less likely to split in transit. The advantage of having a flat surface makes stapling the posts easier. Octopost looks like no other - this is arguably the most attractive fencing on the market!

  • Suitable for all applications

    Due to the large selection of posts and strainers that Octopost produce, they are suitable for livestock, equestrian, forestry, industrial, solar or the domestic market. Octopost fencing is used for many types of animals such as deer, poultry, livestock, otters to name a few.

  • Octorail system

    Octopost rails are treated in the exact same way as the posts. The rail has a half up technical profile therefore the completed fence is very pleasing to the eye. The rails are available in two lengths; 3.5m and 4.2m and have a overlapping joint. This makes correcting the fence far simpler as the rail ends do not have to end on the post. All Octopost recommended rail systems are listed here in the Octopost Creosote Product Sizes.

Octopost Creosote Product Sizes

  • Posts
    mm inches
    80 x 1600 3" x 5'3"
    80 x 1800 3" x 5'11"
    80 x 2000 3" x 6'5"
    80 x 2500 3" x 8'2"
    100 x 1600 4" x 5'3"
    100 x 1800 4" x 5'11"
    100 x 2100 4" x 6'10"
    100 x 2500 4" x 8'2"
    100 x 3000 4" x 9'10"
    120 x 2100 5" x 6'10"
  • Strainers
    mm inches
    180 x 2400 7" x 7'10"
    180 x 3000 7" x 9'10"
    200 x 2400 5.5" x 7'10"
    200 x 3000 5.5" x 9'10"
  • Turner Posts
    mm inches
    140 x 2100 5.5" x 6'10"
    140 x 2500 5.5" x 8'2"
    140 x 3000 5.5" x 9'10"
  • Rails
    mm inches
    50 x 100 x 4000 2" x 4" x 13'10"
    200 x 2400 8" x 7'10"
    200 x 3000 8" x 9'10"

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