Environmental Statement

Our Environment matters!

Our mission here at The Log Shed is to sell 100% British Firewood from sustainable, local forests to supply the highest quality Kiln dried, affordable firewood with a low carbon footprint. We buy very local timber which will travel on average 15-20 miles to our processing yard. All our timber comes from well managed, local forests. Over recent years we have invested heavily in our own British Kilns and one of the largest processors in the UK. We use all the waste produced by our processing operation to power the Kilns resulting in zero waste.

Did you know?

Between 100,000-150,000 tonnes of firewood is imported into the UK each year. A huge percentage of this comes from Eastern Europe such as Latvia and Lithuania. This firewood will travel between 1500-2500 kms to the UK retailers, travelling by road and sea before making its final journey to the end user.

Why is forestry management, timber harvesting and timber thinning so important?

Good forest management is so incredibly important to our climate and environment. The timber taken out of the forests is replanted and gives other trees space and light to grow and thrive.

Our woodlands are an essential ecosystem’s part. They provide clean air and water, produce millions of tonnes of co2, are home to millions of wild animals and contain resources that we consume every day.

Without good management, woodlands deteriorate and lose the qualities necessary for production purposes. In neglected form, such an environment is favorable for diseases and insects. There is also the danger of overpopulation, resulting in an increased rival for nutrients, water, and light. Woodland fires pose a severe threat to the environment, animals, and our Reforestation. With good forest management and timber thinning, the trees are given more space, light and nutrients to grow and strengthen.

Why Wood?

Burning wood is truly sustainable as a carbon neutral fuel and helps the environment. Burning dry wood releases carbon dioxide. This is absorbed from the atmosphere and used for growth by other trees and plants. As a result, using wood from sustainably managed trees reduces net CO2 production compared to using fossil fuels. This means that heating using wood can significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels while also reducing our CO2 emissions.

Burning wood is also real. There is nothing like the ambiance and radiant warmth of burning wood – whether it’s at a campfire or a cook-out, on a fireplace hearth, or in a wood burning stove. It’s a fundamentally creative exercise. Every fire is different, every day. It makes a house a home.

Since records began wood has been used to: cook on, heat homes, light fires and a place for the family to gather around to stay warm. Nowadays, although not as primitive, our passion and appreciation for wood still continues; you may now cook on a pizza oven or BBQ and sit around a Chiminea or fire pit but there is nothing we are surer of – an open fire or wood burning stove is the heart of the home.

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